Sophie's CV




  1. Study in vivo and in vitro acute effects of infection and inflammation on metabolism.
  2. Use gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy techniques to evaluate effects of HIV drugs on rates of human glucose production, lipolysis, and de novo lipogenesis in stable isotope tracer infusion studies.
  3. Implement a method for isolating VLDL and HDL associated lipoproteins to determine VLDL and HDL kinetics during tracer infusion studies in humans.
  4.  Investigate changes in lipids and lipoprotein size/composition in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


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  8. Poster of work on HIV protease inhibitors presented at 8th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV, Sydney, Australia, July 22-26 2007.
  9. Poster Presentation: “Lipoprotein Changes in Rheumatoid Arthritis” at UTHSCSA Research Day 2010.

Other Interests

  1. Chemistry Teaching Assistant, UCSC 2004
  2. SFGH Volunteer 2007-2009
  3. President of the Pathology Interest Group, UTHSCSA
  4. Secretary of Bicycle Club, UTHSCSA
  5. Biochemistry Tutor, UTHSCSA 2010           
  6. Diversity Committee Student Representative, UTHSCSA 2010-2013

Community Service

  1. Alpha Home: student-run clinic for women with chemical dependencies, 2010 - present
  2. San Antonio Metropolitan Ministry, Inc. (SAMMinistries): student-run clinic for homeless families, 2010
  3. Susan G Komen for the Cure: Fundraising for annual Powder Puff game where all proceeds donated to Susan G Komen, 2010
  4. San Francisco General Hospital: Emergency Department Volunteer,  2007 – 2009