Curriculum Vitae of Professor Tadeusz (Tad) W. PATZEK

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Personal: Married to Joanna Patzek, a Registered Physical Therapist. Three children: Lucas (Ph.D. in agriculture), Sophie (M.D., third-year resident at the UC San Diego Medical School), and Julie (Registered Nurse).

Citizenship: Polish citizen by birth, naturalized U.S. citizen since 1991

Fields: Petroleum, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering, Ecology

Education: MS (1974), Ph.D. (1980), Chemical Engineering Department, Silesian Technical University, Poland

Professional Experience: (January 2015 - present), Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in the Earth Sciences and Technology Division and Director of the Upstream Petroleum Engineering Center, The King Abduallah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia. Professor and Chairman, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin (September 2008-December 2014); Professor of Geoengineering (May 2002-September 2008), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, U.C. Berkeley; Associate Professor (June 1995-May 2002) and Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering (1990-1995), Department of Materials Science and Mineral Engineering, U.C. Berkeley; Senior Reservoir Engineer, Shell Western E&P, Inc. (1989-1990); Senior Research Engineer (1986-1989) and Research Engineer (1983-1986), Enhanced Recovery Research Department, Shell Development; Research Associate, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Minnesota (1981-1983); Research Associate, Chemical Engineering Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Gliwice, Poland (1974-1980).

Other Experience: Consultant and Expert Witness for Shell Oil Company; Forensic Management Associates, Inc.; Chevron Oil Company; Baker-Hughes Company; Sutherland Resources, Inc.; Fireman's Fund Insurance Company; Grippo & Elden; Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman; Morgan, Lewis & Bockius; Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Decker; Lempres & Wulfsberg; General Electric, Inc.; PG&E; and Forensic Technologies International, Inc.  President of PV Technologies, Inc., until 2008; Director of U.C. Oil Consortium at U.C. Berkeley; Assistant Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 206.

Professional Societies: Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers; Member, American Geophysical Union; Member; American Physical Society, Member; American Chemical Society, Member.

University/Public Service

2013 - CoPI on the Offshore Energy Safety Institute (OESI) sponsored by the Department of Interior and Industry 

2011 - Member of the National Offshore Drilling Safety Advisory Committee of BOEMRE on offshore safety

2010 – Briefed Senate staffers on upcoming problems with global supply of liquid transportation fuels (10/7/10)

2010 – Briefed the Energy and Environment Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee on BP’s Macondo well spill (06/09/10)

2008 – Chair of University Search Committee for Dean of the College of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

2007 – Briefed EU Transportation and Environments Ministers at the Ministerial OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development, “Biofuels: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?” (9/11/07)

2006 – 2008, Member of the Strategic Planning Committee for CEE

2000 – 2005, Chairman of the College of Engineering Committee on Environmental Eng.

1997 – 2000, Chairman of the College of Engineering Committee on Natural Resources

1997 – 1999, Chairman of the MSME Graduate Admissions Committee

1996 – Graduate Student Major Field Advisor for MSME Earth Resources students

1996 – 1998, Chairman of the College of Engineering Committee on Environmental Eng.

1996 – MSME Academic Affairs Committee – member

1991 – 1995, College of Engineering Petroleum Engineering Committee - member.

1994 – College of Engineering Standing Committee for Computing and Computer Science Education - member

1992 – College of Engineering Interdisciplinary Committee on Surface and Subsurface Hydrology - member

1992 – College of Engineering Graduate Student Committee - member

1992 – Mineral Engineering Subcommittee of Academic Planning Committee - member


2014 - The Cozzarelli Prize from the National Academy of Sciences for the best paper in engineering in 2013

2013 - Distinguished Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (Highest Honor)

2012 - Title of Full Professor of Technical Sciences from President of the Polish Republic

2008 – The Lois K. and Richard D. Folger Leadership Chair, The University of Texas at Austin

2008 – Cockrell Family Regents Chair #11, The University of Texas at Austin

2006 – Associate Editor of Energy Tribune

2005 – Editor of Transport in Porous Media

2004 – July - August, Invited Professor at the Groupe Electrofluidodynamique, Laboratoire d'Etudes Aerodynamique, at the University of Poitiers, France

2004 – February-June, Invited Professor at the Earth Sciences Department, TU Delft, The Netherlands

2000 – 2003, Editor of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal

2000 – “Honorary Book of the Polish Science”

1998 – Visiting fellow at the Statoil Research Center in Trondheim, Norway

1994 – Member of SPE Speakers’ Bureau Program

1993 – 1994 - Distinguished Lecturer, Society of Petroleum Engineers

1993 – Technical Editor, Society of Petroleum Engineers Publications

1988 – Special Recognition Award from Shell for a comprehensive study of alternative recovery processes for the Belridge Diatomite

1985 – Special Recognition Award from Shell for the formulation of a mechanistic model of foam flow in porous media

1978 – 1979 – Fulbright Fellow, University of Minnesota, Chemical Engineering Department

1973 – Undergraduate DAAD Fellow, Nuclear Research Center, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Jülich, Germany

 Research Activities

-         Complexity, scalability (power laws), and technology-human interfaces

-         Complex systems in deepwater exploration and production

-         Physics of unconventional gas and oil production

-         Thermodynamics and ecology of near-future human existence on the Earth

-         Energy flow in human activities, sustainability, renewability, biofuels

-         Micro-scale (~1cm3) transport and mechanical properties of natural rocks: development of electronic core lab.

-         Calculations of relative permeabilities and capillary pressures in drainage and imbibition, and in two- and three-phase flow of immiscible fluids.

-         Micro-scale depositional models of sedimentary rocks: pore space reconstruction from:

Discrete Element depositional and compaction models with cementation,

3D micro-focused CT images, and

Statistical models based on 2D thin sections.

-         Micro-scale rock damage: Discrete Element simulations of bi- and tri-axial rock compression experiments, generation and coalescence of microcracks, development of fractures.

-         Strictly hyperbolic continuum relative permeability models in three-phase flows of immiscible fluids.

-         Continuum non-equilibrium models of counter- and co-current imbibition, spontaneous and forced.

-         Continuum models of damage evolution in almost impermeable, fragile rocks.

-         Development of stabilized finite-element algorithms to model two- and three-phase flow of multi-component fluids, with application to problems involving shocks and boundary layers.

-         Optimal control of fluid injection into low-permeability rocks through growing hydrofractures and with increasing rock damage; well testing.

-         Cradle-to-grave supervisory control of oilfield projects, satellite radar interferometry (InSAR) imaging, smart process-based controllers.

-         Imaging of hydrofracture growth through extended hydraulic impedance methods.

-         Simplified models of contaminant transport in the subsurface, policy issues with MTBE plumes.


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