Hiking in Big Bend, Texas, December 26-31,2010 

  Our first photoshoot on the North Rim of the Chisos Mountains, 12/27/10, 7:30 a.m. 
Click on each image to get a high resolution photo
  I have used Cannon Rebel, with 10-22 mm EFS lens, and UV filter
  We were very lucky to have this combination of clouds and light
  A massive landslide
  We are descending into the Boot Canyon
  Into the Boot...
  Nice shiny shale(?) along the creek bed.
  We had to carry our water supplies, 1 gallon per person per day.  This was all the water we ever saw in the mountains.
  The Boot Canyon
The Boot Canyon
Back on the Colima Trail, admiring this huge boulder.
Clay is photographing me, while I photgraph him.
We have just joined the South Ridge Trail
This vertical wall drops at least 1,500 ft down
I am holding my camera over the vertical drop of many hundreds of feet.
Looking south in an early afternoon.
Far on the horizon, in Mexico, we could see Sierra del Carmen Mountains. The Sierra del Carmen range just across the U.S.-Mexico border from Big Bend National Park is a perfect escape, a half-million acre Mexican nature reserve that has been called the most remote place on Earth. The only voice you will hear, I am told, is the echo of your own bouncing off canyon walls.
Sandstone rock formations on the way to Ernst Tenaja (water hole). This one looks like a thick book full of pages with different colors and illustrations. 
  This is not the best picture, because I moved the camera, but look at this rock chimney!