Our Family

The Patzek family

  Joanna Patzek is a passionate physical therapist, who has worked with handicapped, poor children and elderly all her life.  She is also the best wife and mother one can dream of. More information is here.  For the full size images, please click on any of the images on the right.  
  Lucas Patzek's PhD research focused on the selection and breeding of nitrogen-use efficient wheat varieties and the design of appropriate low-input rotation systems around these varieties in northwestern Washington State. Wheat cultivars adapted to this region are in short supply as the breeding focus has been on the major wheat producing areas of eastern and central Washington. Many of the farms in northwestern Washington utilize organic systems, which pose different challenges in nitrogen management, so cultivars must be bred in and adapted to these systems to achieve good yields and quality. In addition to the differences in geography and climate, northwestern Washington is unique in that there exists a high risk of nitrogen movement away from farmland and into waterways. Therefore Lucas' research will help to preserve water quality and the health of fisheries.  Lucas defended his PhD thesis on July 15, 2012. On  May 31, he started his new job as Director of the Washington State University Extension Station in Thurston County and a Small Farms faculty. Here is a press article covering Lucas' new job. More information here. Lucas Patzek
  Sophie Patzek is a third-year medical student at UT San Antonio and a passionate researcher of metabolic pathways and mutations in humans and animals.  Here GPA is still 4.00, and she placed at the top in the national  Medical Licensing Exam, Step 1. She will probably specialize in pathology, unless she chooses internal medicine, endocrinology, or nephrology, or something else. More information here.

Sophie is holding Kićka (Kitty in Polish), the first member of our extend family.  Kićka was born in Berkeley, ?/?/1990 (she was adopted), and died in Austin, 12/25/2010, at 2:43 a.m. Kićka is over 20 years old in this picture.
Sophie Patzek
  Julie Patzek just finished nursing at the Austin Community College and passed her licensing exam. She received her Nursing License on June 22, 2012. Julie is an avid sportswoman and fitness trainer.  She holds a B.S. degree in premed biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  Lucas, Sophie and Julie all went to the same school and finished different specialties in biology.  Julie just got a job as an ER nurse at a major hospital in Austin. We hope that  Julie will stay in here; she is so much fun to have around. Julie Patzek
The Extended Patzek Family 
  Sundance (left) and Sunshine (right) are our brother and sister donkeys, ready to play and for mischief. The Patzek Donkeys 
  Żabcia (or "Froggie" in Polish) is our last and very spoiled child. Zabcia Patzek