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Gopher State Ethanol liquidating assets, including St. Paul plant

Curt Brown,  Star Tribune
December 15, 2004

"I think everyone went in with the best intentions," said Diane Gerth, president of the West 7th/Fort Road Federation neighborhood group. "But the optimism kind of blinded some people to what would happen."  (To read the article click here)

Ethanol energy balance

Ethanol is a highly efficient fuel. A study by the Institute of Local Self-Reliance in the US found that using the best farming and production methods, "the amount of energy contained in a gallon of ethanol is more than twice the energy used to grow the corn and convert it to ethanol".
The US Department of Agriculture says each BTU (British Thermal Unit, an energy measure) used to produce a BTU of gasoline could be used to produce 8 BTUs of ethanol.
The non-profit American Coalition for Ethanol says ethanol production is "extremely energy efficient", with a positive energy balance of 125%, compared to 85% for gasoline, making ethanol production "by far the most efficient method of producing liquid transportation fuels".
Source http://www.journeytoforever.org/ethanol.html