2004 Archive

12/30/04 Many "moral values" aficionados (including David Brooks of NYT, who wrote the most unfortunate "The New Red-Diaper Babies" article on 12/7/04) claim that the Blue states are crime-ridden, and the Red ones are not.  So here are the actual FBI crime statistics for 2003. What do you think? (Click here to see the plots)
12/30/04 The Geneva Conventions are a key moral value, or are they?  (Click here to read the article)
12/26/04 Top US TV Network stories in 2004 (Click here to see the plot)
12/26/04  ..."So what is the common denominator of all these news stories? Wait, wait, don't tell me. I want to tell you. The common denominator is a country with a totally contradictory and messed-up set of priorities...." (Click here to read the article)
12/22/04 How states  voted in the 2004 Election and percent of population with college degree (Click here to see the plot)
12/22/04  Federally Favored States
�During fiscal 2003, taxpayers in New Mexico benefited the most from the give-and-take with Uncle Sam,� said Moody. New Mexico received $1.99 in federal outlays for every $1.00 the state�s taxpayers sent to Uncle Sam. Other big winners were Alaska ($1.89), Mississippi ($1.83), and West Virginia ($1.82)  (Click here to read the article)
12/21/04 Foreign applications to American graduate schools declined 28 percent this year. Actual foreign graduate student enrollments dropped 6 percent. Enrollments of all foreign students, in undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral programs, fell for the first time in three decades in an annual census released this fall. Meanwhile, university enrollments have been surging in England, Germany and other countries. (Click here to read the article)
12/13/04 On December 8, 2004, the President signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act for 2005, which includes important provisions of law affecting the H 1B temporary worker program. Most of these provisions will be effective on March 8, 2005. The "H-1B Visa Reform Act of 2004" section of the omnibus bill contains provisions which directly affect institutions of higher education, and affiliated research institutes, including the University of California, Berkeley. (Click here to read the announcement)
12/12/04 "What we do isn't exactly what mathematicians do," she explained. "And I know more alums here become artists than become mathematicians. But kids don't study poetry just because they're going to grow up to be poets. It's about a habit of mind. Your mind doesn't think abstractly unless it's asked to - and it needs to be asked to from a relatively young age. The rigor and logic that goes into math is a good way for your brain to be trained." (Click here to read the article)
12/07/04 "The United States was also cited as having the poorest outcomes per dollar spent on [elementary/high school] education. It ranked 28th of 40 countries in math and 18th in reading." (Click here to read the article)
12/05/04 "...We are facing a mounting crisis in science and engineering education. The generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians who were spurred to get advanced degrees by the 1957 Soviet launch of Sputnik and the challenge by President John Kennedy to put a man on the moon is slowly retiring."  (Click here to read the article)