2008 Archive

7/21/2008 It was difficult for me to decide whether to put this article in the Good or Harmful category, but the benefits of defining the population catastrophe in Egypt a little better made me go for the positives.  Notwithstanding my guarded optimism, the food and water supplies in the Sub-Saharan Africa seem to be going from bad to worse. Click here
5/13/2008 Despite best efforts of US agribusiness to put the poor Mexican farmers out of existence, some of them persist and are battling 500 years of environmental degradation.  These farmers are the true heroes of the 21st century! Click here
5/10/2008 Finally!  Americans, who were not supposed to give up their gas-guzzling cars at any price, are behaving exactly as some of us have been predicting all along.  The cherished "right" to personal transportation has been devalued just like the US dollar. If the price of gasoline is high enough, the subsidized mass transit systems become an attractive alternative to having no money in one's pocket.  A higher gas tax should have been paying for upgrades in public transportation systems for many years.  So now 2-out of-3 presidential hopefuls are trying to get the good citizens to eat their transportation as well by rescinding this very gasoline tax.   What disdain they must feel for the electorate's common sense?  Are they right? Am I wrong in thinking that most Americans are still capable of distinguishing between reality and empty propaganda we have been fed by the very people who loath us? Click here
5/07/2008  What a relief to see people taking charge of their food supply and fate! No more waiting for our "representatives,"  who are trying hard to give away the store to their rich friends under the disguise of a new "Farm Bill." Click here
4/8/2008 The free ride for American consumers is ending, this time forever.  It is time for us to sober up. Click here
4/7/2008  Paul Krugman, one of the two economists I respect (the other one is Herman Daly), briefly and lucidly summarizes the current world food situation and the agrofuel scam. Click here
3/27/2008 Despite a propaganda blitz against photovoltaics from the Berkeley Biosciences Institute, the Southern California Edison is doing the only sensible thing: installing more solar panels than anyone in the US. Edison is betting on a technology that is 100 - 1000 times more efficient than the best agrofuel systems in delivering mechanical work of a rotating shaft.  A factor of 100 is the difference between running at 9 km/h and flying a jet at 900 km/h.  By the time the avid advocates of imaginary agrofuels wake up, the world will have passed them by and shrugged its collective arms.  Click here
3/1/2008 The Norwegian government is trying the preserve some of the planetary heritage from our fantastic lack of imagination and stupidity. When I listen to the GMO crowds and the synthetic biology demigods, I  shiver. Click here
1/14/2008 Europe is waking up from the long agrofuel nightmare. Click here