2006 Archive

12/25/06 All who are imbued with religious righteousness and are steeped in hatred, please read this article (Click here to read the article)
10/25/06 Small cars are selling (Click here to read the article)
09/15/06 I am proud of my State!  But any implementation of the new California Energy Policy will be incredibly difficult, and the circling hyenas will be all too happy if we failed. (Click here to read the article)
06/25/06 Finally two acceptable articles  in NYT about ethanol fuel. Congratulations! (Click here to read the article)
05/21/06 If you want to eat healthy local food and stop supporting the supermarkets, look here
05/12/06 A tiny step forward in the habitually delusionary coverage of biofuels by NYT?  No, not yet...(Click here to read the article)
05/12/06 The South Koreans have put to jail a geneticist who stole a mere $40 million and got published in Science twice.  Here we waste hundreds of millions of dollars per year on research that has no justification whatsoever.  Our government and private foundations fund dishonest scientists who shamelessly steal from them.  Science continues to publish science fiction. Are we surprised that scientists are no longer trusted by the public? (Click here to read the article)
05/01/06 The American Consumer is not buying the thinly veiled attempts at bribery by the desperate politicians... (Click here to read the article)
04/30/06 So the price of gasoline is up, and the American Consumer is beginning to notice.  Perhaps some will even drive less, or not buy another Hummer...(Click here to read the article)
04/20/06 Finally, NASA seems to be paying attention to the crucial and cheap research (earth-investigating satellites), as opposed to wasting most of its budget on the silly human space boondoggles so loved by the politicians (Click here to read the article)
03/25/06 China will diminish gasoline subsidies (Click here to read the article)
03/25/06 When cars are more efficient, less tax money will be generated.  New ways of supporting road maintenance must be found. (Click here to read the article)
03/23/06 China will tax excessive uses of energy and timber (Click here to read the article)
03/06/06  I absolutely adore this brave public university University Professor Camille Paglia.  From my vintage point,  the sciences are rapidly deteriorating to the level of the dysfunctional humanities.  The results will be far more menacing for the world and humanity's survival. (Click here to read the article)
03/01/06 Is the current peer-review process good or bad?  (Click here to read the article)
01/18/06 One can be environmentally responsible and create good jobs.  Kudos to Texas Instruments and the State of Texas!  (Click here to read the article)
01/12/06 EPA promises more accurate measurements of fuel economy (Click here to read the article)Here is the more critical Consumer Reports article  (Click here to read the article)