Brazil's Sugarcane: Eviction of the Poor to

Make Space for the Rich


Dear Tad, David:
One by one, I´ll be sending photos of a land eviction of some 120 families who for years had worked on land that had been abandoned by the sugar baron, João Santos - himself the owner of 100s and 100s of thousands of hectares of land in Brasil. Wherever this economic group goes, it leaves behind it a trail of blood, violence and death.
As you can see from the photos, they have the judiciary in their pocket book: the eviction is carried out by force - the Military Police (by day) at the service of the sugar baron. They become the Private Militia (at night) ... at the service of the sugar baron ....
The photos make for grim viewing - but I must say that the people, after a struggle of 9 years and many deaths - won through and are today the owners of the land, producing decent food for themselves - and, at decent prices, for the people in the neighbouring towns.
As an after thought - is it from scenes similar to these that the Taliban/Al Qaeda etc., were born?


Faith be with ye, on the Exodus Road!
- Tiago


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